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Helping Java build friendship with Common Lisp

When I was 3rd year student I had functional programming and AI classes where we studied Common Lisp programming language. At the end of AI course I had coursework: write program to calculate differential expression, something like f(x) = x*x then f'(x)=2*x. It was pretty simple to do in Lisp...

As business layer was implemented in Lisp I decided to create user interface in Java. I had to use Swing, because JavaFX didn't exist at this time. So, I guess I started hate Swing from this time...
But here I'd like to show how you can execute Common Lisp from Java (from my personal experience with code sample and some other options). So, how to use Lisp from Java?

   I found amazing library Jatha, it's open source library located at http://jatha.sourceforge.net/. This library provides powerful of Lisp in your java code. Let's look at usage example (from my course work).
This is a part of Lisp program:

And how we can reuse Lisp power inside Java-code:

As you can see it's very-very easy. So, here I'd like to say 'Thank you!' to creators for Jatha
However, some Common Lisp functionality is lack in this library, for example mapcar and cond not implemented and you will need to create your own if need

Another way is to use ABCL. ABCL is a Common Lisp implementation that runs directly in the JVM - possibly it is the best option to run Common Lisp side by side with Java. I haven't ever used it myself, but a lot of people have a positive experience.

Finally, If you don't need exactly Common Lisp, and you are ok with Scehme, you must look at JScheme. The API is so easy as Jatha and you should be able to use all Scheme power just from Java code.

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