субота, 17 листопада 2012 р.

Fix microphone problem in Ubuntu

I'm using Ubuntu/Kubuntu on a Dell laptop, and it doesn't seem to recognize my headset's microphone. What can I do?

It was the question that was worried me for a last week. Actually, my microphone stopped working suddenly on the previous weekends. And my microphone didn't work in Skype nor Gtalk, it was awful!
I was looking for solution for a several hours and found it just a seconds ago! Hopefully  it was described here http://preprocess.me/skype-microphone-does-not-work-on-ubuntu-heres-a-fix for Ubuntu (Ideal works under Kubuntu too)

Just main steps (to me in the future):

  1. Run alsamixer
  2. Go to Capture devices
  3. Select capture device (I had two) and highlight it; then pres space to enable - you capture device must be highlighted in Red "Capture" label

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