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SQuirreL - a database administration tool

JPA is a popular way to communicate with database in java world, JPA via Hibernata, JPA vi EclipseLink, whatever... however there is instants cumbersome way to test your JPQL queries.
SQuirreL help you! Overview on wiki

When you have a project with JPA and you want to test several jpa queries (aka jpql), you can use SquirreL. Build you project first, then you need to tune SquirreL a bit: go to Squirrel File –> Global Preferences –> Hibernate,
then click Add classpath entity, and add your JDBC driver jar and all project's jars.
Then specify your persistence unit name, and you are ready to run JPQL queries from this tool for your application.
That's much easy than experiments from java code

Moreover, there is a set of useful plugins which helps you to compare databases, create ER-diagrams or execute a specific code on session start

Also, the is possible to query HBase with https://github.com/forcedotcom/phoenix

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