середа, 23 січня 2013 р.

who has stolen my CPU?

A week ago I bumped into issue w/ AWS CloudWatch. Originally, my load was about 50% and I set CloudWatch to notify me when average CPU utilization > 90% for 5 minutes. And a week ago I got several alert! I was really surprised when recognized that load is more 90% for a long time.
Nothing was changed in application configuration or real load... so, I started investigation. AWS status shows all services operating normally

But the biggest surprise: according to "top" load was less than 10%!
Now I have this load on regular base, for example

(click to view big image)

Also some investigation, I found nice article about stolen CPU.
So, that's happend because I used micro instance which has... I don't know how exectly copmute units it have, but definitely not enough...

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