четвер, 21 червня 2012 р.

node.js impression

Well, I had some deals with node.js in last weeks. That's nice. Node.js is high-performance web-server, you application is in JavaScript and runs on back-end. The most of developers, specially web-developers, knows JavaScript. Well, I agree that usually people know jQuery or only base knowledge in JavaScript. However, it's very easy and powerful language. Unfortunately, node.js is still bad documented. That sad to hear, but this is bad documented area. So, please, pay your attention on it when choose node.js. Ok, go further. JavaScript is nice language to parse pages (or json and so on - so node.js can be a good choose for high-performance REST service). I was happy to work with this technology, but it has some problems... For example, error on page means error in your server code - it can be a problem. The next one, is "infinity pages" - I guess, you know what I mean. so, surprise here! The easiest way to work with "infinity page" is Selenium WebDriver:) I guess, if you need to use not high-performance parser, you have to look at this testing tool

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